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What to expect.

Everyone is welcome! We are conservative in our theology and liberal in our love. You will find many opportunities to grow in Christ through Bible Study, fellowship, ministry, and missions' opportunities.

Always striving to be a light to others.

Not one of us has it all figured out, because no one is perfect. Truth is, Christ’s church is filled with just those kind of people, people who are in need of God’s grace and mercy. At Calvary Evangelical Baptist Church we desire to grow in grace and to show others mercy in the same way that God has been merciful to us. It's our desire to grow as believers, always learning and always striving to be a light to others by showing the joy and the freedom that we have in Jesus Christ.

As a member of the Southern Baptist Convention and the SBC of Virginia (state convention) we support missions all over the world. We also do missions at home as we minister to the needs of our community, our city, and the Hampton Road area.

Pastor "Mac", as he is affectionately referred, is a Bible preaching, teaching, minister of the Word of God. Speaking the truth as plainly as possible, he helps people meet Jesus. Not just on Sundays, but everyday of the week and in all circumstances you'll find him sharing God’s Word and its practical application.

The movement, from which Calvary Evangelical Church was formed, started in the early 50's with a group of people who felt they were not being fed spiritually from the Word of God in their local assemblies. They began a Bible study group both in Norfolk Naval Shipyard and Faith Tabernacle Church in Norfolk, Virginia.




205 Gust Lane, Portsmouth, VA 23701



1010AM/100.1FM/ 96.9FM
WPMH (and press "Listen Live")
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